Risk Assessment Projects

Cybersecurity strategy is about mitigating risk and minimizing attack surface. PreCog Security team works with organizations of all sizes to deliver penetration testing, vulnerability research, red teaming and continuous security risk assessments aligned with compliance. By leveraging unique methodologies and simulating attacks we find vulnerabilities within your network, application, product or process in order to help you minimize security gaps. Our goal is to work closely with your team and compliment your current resources to develop risk mitigation strategy.

pen testing

Product Vulnerability Testing

Secure by design is critical in every product development. Adopting DevSecOps model and Continuous Security in your Agile process is most efficient way to ensure solution is built securely from the ground up. Whether you are developing a website, web application, software, IoT device or blockchain architecture our expert team can serve as an additional set of security eyes and provide important audits and reviews while aligning with your production cycle. Our goal is to help you develop great product that is secure.

Cybersecurity Modeling for Startups

Starting a new company is a daunting task. Founders are concentrating on workspace, building revenue, raising capital and million other things. Unfortunately cybersecurity is an afterthought in most cases and not implemented early or correctly. This proved to be costly and brand damaging to many organizations. PreCog Security team works with startups of all sizes and maturity with our industry’s first "Cybersecurity for Startups" packages. Our goal is to model your cybersecurity culture and teams early on, secure your product, help you protect customer’s data and align with compliance and regulations. Learn More


PreCog Security Risk Mitigation Solution - ARES coming soon

We listen to our customer needs and automate vulnerability assessment workflows that improve risk visibility and mitigation while building cyber resilience.