With all our services our clients and partners can enjoy three levels of engagement:
  • Bronze (vulnerability scan and generic risk report)
  • Silver (vulnerability scan and customized risk report)
  • Deep security analysis (silver + enumeration, penetration and custom report with recommendations)

Risk to Resolution

Our experienced security research partner team will perform penetration test and simulate cyberattacks in order to find vulnerabilities within your applications and network. We think and exploit vulnerabilities with attacker techniques in order to deliver you an actionable report on how to fix your security gaps.

pen testing

Risk to Market

This unique DevSecOps approach provide continuous testing, risk analysis and recommendations to your development, operations and security team. Through continuous security assessment model we offer ongoing red team expertise, actively exploiting your vulnerabilities and help you manage cybersecurity risk. This service is available to product and software builders helping them deliver solutions with integrity and reliability to their customers.

Risk to Compliance

Partnering with Tampa Bay auditors and compliance experts, PreCog offers compliance and audit for mandatory government regulations. Our method is standard and starts with questionnaire, security testing, while providing full report and regulatory assessment.


Risk to Revenue

PreCog Security Inc offers white labeling to partners and service providers for all our services. This program will allow partners to broaden their tech checks and assessments with PreCog’s deep search analysis. PreCog’s actionable and revenue rich report with enable partners to make valuable security recommendations to their customers.

More on our expertise:

Network, Web and Mobile Application Testing:
  • We perform penetration tests and help mitigate vulnerability risks within all web and mobile applications and help harden the networks.
AWS S3 Vulnerability Testing:
  • We help our customers test, find and remediate security flaws within their critical cloud infrastructure.
WP and PHP Vulnerability Testing:
  • We enable developers to design for security through DevSecOps process and third party testing.
IoT and API Vulnerability Testing:
  • We help our customers converge IoT and industrial platforms with continuous security assessments in order to achieve highest security ratings, availability and integrity.