Web App Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

Process and Methodology

Our experienced team will simulate cyberattacks in order to find vulnerabilities within your network. We think like attackers, go beyond automated vulnerability tests and use sophisticated manual techniques for exploitation. Most importantly we will analyze these vulnerabilities in order to understand your risk and threat level. Our report and executive summary will provide you recommendations on how to patch your security gaps, meet your compliance needs and elevate your security readiness. We provide top industry expertise and competitive pricing.

pen testing

Security-Assessment-As-A-Service (sAAAs) and Red Teaming

Process and Methodology

This unique approach provides vendor agnostic continuous testing, risk analysis and recommendations that are critical cyber security measures for all organizations. Through sAAAs model we offer ongoing red team expertise, actively exploiting your vulnerabilities and help you mitigate cybersecurity risk. We provide our sAAAs service to all organizations including solution builders, developers and engineers. Continuous offensive third party testing with risk analysis and recommendations is paramount for all solutions reliability and integrity. Please check our Case Study with solution provider Indas on how to elevate SCADA security levels through sAAAs.

Vulnerability-Assessment-As-A-Service (vAAAs)

Process and Methodology

This is a new method that we are developing with local service providers. It is a light, simple and affordable tool built to scan for vulnerabilities, assign risk level, provide report and make actionable recommendations based on your service and solution offering.



We believe in the power of channel.

PreCog Security Inc offers white labeling to partners and service providers for all our services: Web App testing, Vulnerability assessment as a Service (VaaaS) and Security assessment as a Service (SaaaS). Learn how you can leverage these tools to mitigate risk and drive actionable response for your clients. Schedule a meeting.

More on our expertise:

Network, Web and Mobile Application Testing:
  • We perform penetration tests and help mitigate vulnerability risks within all web and mobile applications and help harden the networks.
AWS S3 Vulnerability Testing:
  • We help our customers test, find and remediate security flaws within their critical cloud infrastructure.
WP and PHP Vulnerability Testing:
  • We enable developers to design for security through DevSecOps process and third party testing.
IoT and API Vulnerability Testing:
  • We help our customers converge IoT and industrial platforms with continuous security assessments in order to achieve highest security ratings, availability and integrity.