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66% of small and medium businesses (SMBs) close shop or go down after experiencing data breach and 43% lack any type of cybersecurity defense plan. PreCog Security helps companies reduce the risk of cyber attack and gets them prepared for compliance and audit.


Small and Medium Businesses

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PreCog Security, Inc. is a US-based cybersecurity risk management company with global reach. Our experienced cybersecurity team will help you find, mitigate and minimize risk within your software, product, and network. We help you discover known and new vulnerabilities to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals.

We’re good at what we do: Our areas of expertise are ethical hacking, penetration testing, and security by design, where we help implement security controls and testing early in the software development lifecycle.

The PreCog Security process is simple:

  • Test your product or network
  • Find vulnerability risk and
  • Fix it before the attack

Most importantly, we transfer our cyber knowledge and best practices to your network, IT and DevOps teams. We also help your organization align with strict regulatory compliance requirements and Fortune 500 client security and data mandates with our procurement assistance services.

Our team is a combination of certified cybersecurity veterans experts from across the industry who’ve worked for some of the world’s biggest cybersecurity powerhouses. We’re also avid cybersecurity researchers and IT problem solvers, empowered by dynamic cyber communities just like us.

Make security simple and significant.

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