The PreCog Cyber Security Team

PreCog Security Inc. is a US based cybersecurity risk mitigation company. We specialize in helping you find, minimize and manage vulnerability risk within your product, network and process. Our expertise is penetration testing and attack simulation, where we discover known and new vulnerabilities helping you stay one step ahead of criminals.
Security Risk Assessment:
  • Are you an organization of any size looking for penetration testing and vulnerability assessment to minimize the risk of attack and align with compliance?
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Third Party Risk Assessment:
  • Are you an organization that has security and compliance concerns about third party security risk from your vendors, partners and supply chain providers?
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Cybersecurity for Startups:
  • Are you a startup looking to build cybersecurity risk strategy, develop teams, secure your product, protect customer’s data and align with regulations?
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PreCog Solution:
  • We are building an unique solution that will automate risk assessments, remediation and resiliency, ARES coming soon.
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Cybersecurity for Startups - A First Of Its Kind Program In The Industry

PreCog Security, Inc. is the first company in industry to offer truly economical cybersecurity modeling and risk mitigation packages for startups. Learn More

Why is Ethical Hacking Important?

Learn how organizations of all sizes are leveraging third party testing to create offense strategy against hackers:

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