The PreCog Cyber Security Team

PreCog Security Inc. is a US based cybersecurity risk mitigation company. Our mission is to help you minimize your security risk and bring you to safety. We simplify complex cybersecurity assessments so that they are understandable to everyone: “So easy that grandpa can use it and congress can understand it”. Our method is straight forward: Test > Find > Fix.

1. TEST your website, application, software or network
2. FIND vulnerabilities, risk and threat
3. FIX security gaps before hackers attack.

Risk to Resolution:
  • We test organizations of all sizes and help them go from vulnerability risk to safety through deep security research and expert recommendations.
Risk to Compliance:
  • We test organizations in order to achieve compliance through audit, deep security research and report.
Risk to Market:
  • Our DevSecOps model helps developers test their solutions, ensure its reliability and integrity before releasing it to the market and consumers.
Risk to Revenue:
  • White Label program helps partners broaden their security tests and tech checks with our deep security research and revenue rich help reports.

Why is Ethical Hacking Important?

Learn how organizations of all sizes are leveraging third party testing to create offense strategy against hackers:

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