Cybersecurity for Enterprise

Continuous security risk assessment enterprise program

PreCog Security, Inc. is offering large companies an unique continuous security risk assessment program for their network, product and operational needs.

We understand enterprise companies risk concerns and these are our services that address those challenges:


Vulnerability Risk

Does your network or application have a security risk? We’ll do a vulnerability scan and help you identify it.

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Vulnerability Risk

We can help you find critical security areas of exposure and help you mitigate them.

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We can simulate cyber attacks and uncover known and unknown security vulnerabilities through penetration tests. Most importantly we’ll help you mitigate them.

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Want to add Data Governance in your Software Development Lifecycle? We can educate your team of developers on how to build DevSecOps model seamlessly.

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Supply Chain

Do you have security concerns with vendors in your supply chain? We can help you identify and mitigate them.

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Third Party Risk

Are you looking to implement or strengthen your Third Party Risk Management? We can help your team build or optimize third party vendor risk assessment processes and controls.

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Cloud Security

You have critical data in the cloud? We can help your teams with Identity Access Management and cloud security.

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Compliance audit coming up? Get ready with our compliance experts.

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Need help to identify and manage risk?

Please fill out the Security Risk Assessment questionnaire and learn which areas need your attention and where we can help:

Enterprise Security Risk Assessment Questionnaire


1 / 10

Do you have a prepared and tested Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery plan?

2 / 10

Do you have a prepared and tested Incident Response Plan (including handling, monitoring and reporting of the incident)?

3 / 10

If you are developing in software/applications, have you implemented a secure software development lifecycle?

4 / 10

Are you performing vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and vulnerability management on information system assets (network, website, endpoints, servers, software, web applications, etc)?

5 / 10

Are you performing regular inventory of all IT assets (hardware and software)?

6 / 10

Are you following a formal configuration management, patching and change control process?

7 / 10

Do you have a documented and standardized process for hardening systems and hosts, and is this process automated via a configuration management system?

8 / 10

Do you actively manage supply chain security risk and enforcing third party risk management?

9 / 10

Are you employing anti-malware and other security controls such as firewall, data loss prevention, intrusion detection/prevention systems across your environment?

10 / 10

Do you collect, monitor and analyze yoursystem, application and security logs in a dedicated, secure, centralized logging solution or a security monitoring system?