Alex and Tom

PreCog Security

The PreCog team consists of IT industry veterans and security practitioners. Our references, vulnerability research and security advisories range from Microsoft, Department of Defense, Starbucks, Yelp to banks, insurance houses in SouthEastern Europe plus IoT architects and solution builders. Our motto is “if you build it, we will test it” where we see continuous third-party security testing paramount for every viable solution. Enumeration and vulnerability risk analysis bring reliability, availability and integrity to every product.

Alex Paunic

CEO and Founder

Alex Paunic- CEO and Founder- 10+ years in cybersecurity channel and distribution management with MX Logic, Intel and McAfee. During this time Alex worked with Fortune 100 executives to develop software, cloud and software-as -a-service platform and sell through infrastructure. At the same time Alex managed multimillion dollar distribution channel with national distributor Tech Data and assisted in creating enterprise security practice. Alex is avid supporter for not for profit causes earning recognition from Boys and Girls Club of Pinellas County in Tampa Bay, FL for digital safety for children program. He is also a member of New Gen Tech mentorship program with Pinellas Education Foundation in Tampa Bay, FL.

Alex Paunic
Dejan Levaja

Dejan Levaja "Dan"

CTO and Co-Founder

CTO and Co-Founder- `Dan has 15 years of experience in ethical hacking and security research. He is a frequent speaker at IT conferences, creator of several tools that are now part of different Linux based security distros. He has discovered and published more than dozen "zero day" vulnerabilities in operating systems as well as closed and open source applications and services.  Before he delved into penetration testing, Python programming, digital forensics and Linux security, he was a Microsoft trainer and a Microsoft Enterprise Security MVP. Dan is a software developer for Linux distributed penetration testing tool. Award winner and work published by CERT, Secunia, SecurityFocus, Microsoft and others. Certifications: MCSE + S CCNA CISS CEH INFOSEC

Nikola Kojic "Nick"

Chief of Web Security

Web app specialist with over hundreds of successful tests for critical vulnerabilities across different industry verticals. Nick is a regular vulnerability contributor to Microsoft and Apple security advisories. Nick is also an active member of HackerOne community where he finds and discloses vulnerabilities for Fortune 100 companies and large organizations: GM, Starbucks, Quora, Department of Defense, etc.

Nikola Kojic
Tom Nora

Tom Nora

Chief of Strategy

Technology executive for over 25 years from startup to Fortune 100. Past employers include 3M, Mentor Graphics, Roguewave Software, Rarefied Technologies, MediaUnbound Inc, Harris Semiconductor. Author of recently published "Hacking the Core".