Independent Research

Cyber Security Research

PreCog Security Inc. team regularly participates in independent security, vulnerability and exposure research.

Our team of engineers (Dejan Levaja and Nikola Kojic) are active with various security advisories with Microsoft, Apple, Securia and others. They regularly collaborate with Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) organization while contributing to Cybersecurity Vulnerability and Exposures (CVE) which is managed by MITRE Corporation and sponsored by US-CERT. Nick is an active HackerOne community member with many successful vulnerability findings and submissions for Fortune 100 companies. Our continuous vulnerability research, disclosures and working closely with security teams provide PreCog Security with foundation for cybersecurity innovations and tool development based on customer needs and security gaps in systems, processes and personnel.

Security Advisories

Dejan Levaja “Dan”

Microsoft Vulnerability Research contributions (MSVR - worldwide program by Microsoft that encourages sharing software vulnerabilities and best practices):
April 2010, May 2009, March 2009, February 2009, January 2009, December 2008, November 2008, March 2008, December 2007, November 2007.

Secunia Advisories contributions (international vulnerability research and advisory program sponsored by Flexera):
SA44144, SA37465, SA37157, SA34772, SA34403, SA34402, SA33681, SA33924, SA32955, SA32142, SA14512

Nikola Kojic “Nick”

Microsoft Vulnerability Research (MSVR) and contributions:

April 2013 Security Researchers, April 2013 Security Researchers, October 2012 Security Researchers, September 2012 Security Researchers, August 2012 Security Researchers

HackerOne (Bug bounty program sponsored and leveraged by Fortune 100 companies)

Apple Advisories (Apple platform allowing third party testing and security issue disclosure)